Sunday, May 2, 2010

It Really Does Happen That Fast

I am just a few weeks from traveling to Southeast Asia for Journalism 898 - a study abroad class focusing on magazine writing and photography. We will also look at advertising. What is amazing is that I learned about this course only days ago. I text messaged my husband to see what he thought and his response was, "go for it." I immediately contacted the instructor overseeing this program to let her know of my interest. From there, things started coming together quickly. About 12 of us (students and instructors from the University of Nebraska) are traveling to Singapore, Cambodia and either Thailand or Malaysia. The night before I planned on asking my job for time off, I asked my husband, " I crazy? People don't just up and decide to go to Asia. These kinds of trips are planned weeks, months, even a year in advance." He said, "No. Sometimes things really do happen just that fast." My job gave me the okay and I am eagerly anticipating what I am sure will be an absolutely amazing experience.

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  1. The fact that everything fell into place, is just proof that you're right where God wants you to be. I'm so excited for you!!!-- Tonya